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Composition of Products.

We use fade- and stain-resistant PU material to construct our Handbag Handcuff® bag restraint pouches. They are lined with cotton and/or nylon webbing. We make our tassel key chains out of microfiber. Our hardware is crafted from zinc alloy, which contains no cadmium or lead, believed to pose potential health risks.

Where is my Handbag Handcuff® Made?

The various component parts of your Handbag Handcuff® are manufactured and assembled in Asia. We continue to explore options that will allow us to manufacture Handbag Handcuff® products in the United States. All of our collateral, as well as packing and shipping materials, are made in the United States. For more information about our sustainability efforts, please see our Social Responsibility page.

Product Care and Maintenance.

The exterior of the Handbag Handcuff® bag restraint pouch can be cleaned with a fresh, damp cloth, as needed. Most common stains, fingerprints, and dirt will likely lift away. The interior pouch liner fabric may be wiped with a clean cloth dampened with warm water and mild soap. Take care to utilize a soft, nonabrasive cloth, such as a chamois, when cleaning the pouch so as not to scratch or damage the PU fabric or hardware. The bag restraint should not be saturated with or immersed in water. Chemicals should not be used on the bag restraint as they can damage the fabric and hardware. Let your Handbag Handcuff® air dry. Your Handbag Handcuff® should not be placed in a washing machine or dryer as the pouch fabric might be adversely affected and the hardware could damage your machine. If your tassel key chain fabric has curled, you may try to “comb” it by using a flat iron on the lowest heat setting for a few seconds only to lightly warm and straighten the strands. This activity should be monitored solely by an adult using reasonable care and should never be left unattended.

Is my Handbag Handcuff® Product Authentic?

Counterfeit goods are imitation goods offered for sale or distribution by an unauthorized retailer. The manufacture, sale, and/or distribution of counterfeit goods is a global crime under state, federal, and international trade laws, punishable by fines and imprisonment. The unauthorized sale or distribution of Handbag Handcuff® products is likewise considered a criminal enterprise, subject to legal action. Handbag Handcuff® products are covered by international patent, copyright, and trademark laws and we will vigorously defend our intellectual property rights against infringement. Authentic Handbag Handcuff® products will only be sold on our website and/or by an authorized retailer. If you suspect that counterfeit Handbag Handcuff® products are being sold or that our marks are being infringed upon, please report this activity to us immediately. It is helpful to offer relevant details such as the date, description of the specific “knock-off” products being sold and by whom, as well as the exact location (i.e., flea and “fake” markets, street vendors and kiosks, other websites). While you may elect to make an anonymous report, it is preferable that you provide contact information in the event clarification is necessary. Click here to report suspected Counterfeiting activity.

Limited Warranty.

BACOR, Inc. warrants that Handbag Handcuff® products will be free from defects in workmanship and materials so long as the items are used for the purpose(s) intended. This warranty does not cover damage caused by accident, misuse, mishandling, negligence, customer modification, or failure by user to use this item in accordance with the How To Use It instructions posted on our Site. We will repair or replace this item at our own expense if, in our sole discretion, we determine that any item is defective in materials or workmanship. This warranty covers defects only. Normal wear and tear, or natural breakdown of colors, hardware, and materials over extended periods of time and use are to be expected and are not covered under this warranty. Items that are claimed to be defective must be returned under a preassigned Return Authorization Number as set forth in accordance with our stated Return Policy. Our obligations under this limited warranty are limited to repairing or replacing the item and shall be the exclusive remedy available. Our products are warranted to the original retail purchaser only. No person has any authority to bind us to any representation, condition, or warranty except this limited warranty.

How To Contact Us.

If you have additional questions beyond the information we have provided here, please contact us in writing by email or U.S. Post and we will do our best to respond.


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