Social Responsibility

We pledge to grow our business in a socially and environmentally responsible way by:

Giving Back to the Community

We support the efforts of charities working on environmental projects and those supporting the homeless, children, women’s health, and animal rights. For more information about our affiliations, please click here.

Making Responsible Environmental Choices

We endeavor to use sustainable materials and minimal packaging and reduce energy consumption. We continually assess our manufacturing practices to lessen the impact on our environment.

Not Using Animal Products/Composition

Our original Bag Restraint pouch is composed of PU, cotton, polycotton webbing, and nylon. The Tassel Key Chain is made of microfiber. These materials were selected because they are durable, and if used and maintained properly, they should last a long time. The hardware for all of our products is made of a zinc alloy and is free of harmful cadmium and lead. No animal skins or animal by-products are used in making any of our products.

Minimally Packaging Our Products

We believe that less is more... especially when it comes to packaging. The bag restraint and Tassel Key Chain boast a simple hangtag that speaks volumes about us. Our goal is to save your sanity, not to make you crazy removing clamshells, twist ties, and other packaging elements. Your Handbag Handcuff® hangtags are recyclable.

Sustainably Shipping and Off-setting Emissions

We provide CarbonFree® shipping to offset the carbon-dioxide emissions caused by the transportation of Handbag Handcuff® products. Neutralizing carbon-dioxide emissions provides cleaner air and can lessen the adverse effects of climate change.

Using Eco-Friendly Shipping Materials

We have sourced sustainable shipping materials in order to get your products to you with the smallest possible impact on our environment. Depending on the size and type of your order, we may utilize one or more of the following:

  • Padded Mailers

    Jiffy® Padded Paper Mailers are made out of 77% Recycled Paper Fibers and 62% Post-Consumer Material. The insulating layers consist of recycled newsprint and other macerated paper. The padded mailers may be disposed of alongside all other paper products in recycle bin. These padded mailers are more expensive than other types, but they are the more sustainable option so it is worth it.

  • Literature Mailers

    Our literature mailer boxes are made of corrugated cardboard of a B flute thickness from recycled content. These mailers are curbside recyclable.

  • Eco-Friendly Bubble

    When needed to protect our displays and merchandise for larger wholesale orders, we may utilize an eco-friendly bubble roll that contains up to 40% recycled content with up to 20% from post-consumer sources. This eco-friendly bubble is also a Type 4 plastic that is recyclable where accepted.

  • Packaging Paper

    Depending on the products to be shipped and the size of the box, we may use brown packaging paper to fill the voids and stabilize your box contents. This paper is recyclable and compostable.

  • Shipping Labels

    We use EcoEnclose Zero Waste Thermal Shipping Labels which feature Zero Waste Release Liners and a Recycle Compatible Adhesive. The shipping labels can be recycled curbside with other paper. The release liners are made of 100% post-consumer content paper and are also curbside recyclable.

  • Tape and Box Sealers

    Our logoed gummed paper tape is recyclable and biodegradable. We may also use sealing tape when necessary.

  • Re-Used Shipping Boxes and Packing Materials

    Occasionally, we may repurpose shipping boxes and packing materials that we have received ourselves and use them to send out wholesale orders. Our creative reuse reduces the demand for virgin materials and lessens landfill waste.

Revised and Effective January 1, 2022