One of my favorite things to do is explore. Whether it is to take a different route home, try a new restaurant, or travel to a new country. I get restless and love to take in new information, be stimulated, meet new people, and engage all of my senses.

But my ever-racing brain can sabotage my ability to fully immerse myself in the moment – unencumbered. I usually have too much with me.

One way to look at it is that I am always prepared. I can MomGyver myself out of any situation with what I have in my bag. If I was on Let’s Make a Deal, I would have been an all-star prize winner and had exactly what they were looking for, except a rubber chicken…

But to allow yourself to be fully enveloped in the journey is hard when you have your hands full. HH makes it possible to secure my bag and be present. To focus on what lies ahead instead of what may have rolled out of reach.

So for the first-ever blog post, I wanted to use this aspirational photo of the cuff holding my current favorite (and oft-photographed) tote. This photo was taken on the Marginal Way footpath in Ogunquit, Maine on a summery July day. My husband, Mr. HH, and I took some time together and walked the coast after visiting our kids at sleep-away camp.

I loved exploring the craggy cliffs and sandy beach below. The walk afforded stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean, surrounded by a landscape of wildflowers. I could hear the calls of sea birds and see the top of an occasional kite dancing in the sky. There was just the right kind of breeze that keeps you cool but doesn’t destroy your hair. I loved that moment and wanted to stay there forever. 

I lucked out when I found this perch because it afforded a chance to drink in the salt air and keep my bag from tumbling off the ledge. I used my HH to connect each of my tote’s straps to a carabiner and secured it over the log.

This was the perfect vista for a HH beauty shot, holding my bag in an unconventional way in an unforgettable place.

Because the hike made Mr. HH hungry, my reverie was somewhat short-lived, but the moment lives on in this photo. We followed the path down to Perkins Cove, passing a few remarkable Victorian houses, had a steamy lobster lunch in the marina, and window-shopped in the boutiques.


If there is anything you want me to cover, or are curious about different ways to use your cuff, send an email or message on our socials. You can find the HH origin story here.



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