I should probably start by explaining what you can and can’t cuff with HH.

When someone hears the name “Handbag Handcuff®,” they sometimes offer a cheeky comment about whether you can “cuff” your spouse or significant other.

Despite the temptation, HH was not designed to go around any wrist, not yours, that of your love, or your kids; not only is it not wide enough, even if you could get it on, you couldn’t get it off. So that is just a big no. Please do not try.

You should not use HH on any person or being (humans, pets, or otherwise). It is designed to hold a lightweight bag and keep your belongings secure and nearby.

The photo above is only a reference so you can see that our name is evocative of a pair of handcuffs, taking the diameter and shape, but you can see there isn’t a place to lock it or a joint for expansion. The shape is mostly decorative, but there is functionality baked into the design.

Plus, HH doesn’t lock the way a traditional pair of handcuffs would – it is a carabiner with a traditional gate that opens when you apply pressure. It is super easy to use and works splendidly on a car with a chrome headrest post or latched to a fence, bar, post, etc...

It is also not strong enough to support you while climbing. My lawyer monkey brain has put “Not For Climbing” on the cuff. Unless you weigh as much as a lightweight purse, you will be sorely disappointed. HH is not a climbing carabiner. You will get hurt. It’s supposed to make your life easier and safeguard your personal belongings, and is not to be used on a person.

(This reminds me of that commercial in the 1980s when a construction worker wearing a hard hat hung from a beam after securing his helmet with glue. I was traumatized by that crazy scenario. Please use reasonable care and good judgment so I don’t have to worry about you!)

But I digress. The list of what you CAN cuff with HH is quite extensive. And in ensuing posts, I will share pictures and explain how I use it.

In the meantime, we would love to see how you use your cuff, so please share your pictures with us!


If there is anything you want me to cover, or are curious about different ways to use your cuff, send an email or message on our socials. You can find the HH origin story here.